About Us

“Knitting for Dolls” was established in 2008 by Åse Bence and Anne Harriman. We both grew up in Norway and learned how to knit and crochet at a young age. We loved to create knitted doll patterns for our dolls. Knitting and crocheting has become a lifelong passion for us both.

Anne is no longer involved in the business but Ase continues to create dolls clothes patterns.  Her greatest joy is in creating new knitting patterns for American Girl Dolls. The majority of the patterns are for 18 inch American Girl dolls, or any other 18” dolls, but last year some dolls clothes patterns were introduced for 15 inch baby dolls like American Girl Bitty Baby dolls as well.

“Knitting for Dolls” sells dolls clothes patterns for all levels of expertise; beginner, intermediate and advanced knitters and crocheters. The majority of the patterns created at this time are 18 inch doll knitted patterns.

We create a wide variety of different knitted dolls patterns. There are winter and summer knitted dolls patterns, dolls clothes patterns for tennis, soccer, cheer leader and other sports outfits, national costumes from several different countries, princess gowns, Halloween costumes, dressy and casual outfits. Approximately 90% of all the dolls clothes patterns are for knitters. 10% of the dolls clothes patterns are for crocheters.

Many customers send photos of their finished products, using “Knitting for Doll’s” knitted doll patterns, and that is a wonderful testament to the ability of all the knitters and crocheters around the world that enjoy our dolls clothes patterns. Our 18 inch doll knitting patterns are sold as downloadable files so they are available, not only in America, but also in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

We welcome suggestions for new knitting patterns for American Girl dolls or for any other 18 inch or 15 in dolls. Our customers have come up with ideas for many of the dolls clothes patterns that are available for sale at this time.

We have knitting and crocheting patterns for beginner to advanced knitters and crocheters.

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